Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Made my summer list...

but the days are already slipping by! I will share some of the items:
-painting -stencil -MUNNY! -knit (AND pearl) -costume
-my comic!!!!
-portfolio -animation? -animatic

-zoo -aquatium -hike -bike -camp

-harmonica -song on the piano


I haven't even put all of the books and comics I want to read on here... *sigh*
"It's the job that's never started as takes the longest to finish," as my old gaffer used to say.

also, this was forwarded to me by some person I don't know:

"After a waterstones petition to continue Harry Potter, resulted in JK, Rowling saying, 'never say never' to an 8th book, please sign to bring back Snape if a new book comes out. Maybe his youth, after death, portrait in hogwarts. HP wouldn't be the same without his sarcastic lines."

I know not everyone here shares my Snape love, but take the petition under consideration for weirdos like me!


The Joyful Fool said...

i signed your damned petition... and i ate the last of the butter thins too.... indeed....

Lucie Roberts said...

Snape I miss and all the rest 8{

time-travelling lackey said...

indeed, the dear professor would be proud. *solemn nod*
butter thins, wheeee!

Brina said...

I love Snape! The last book definitely confirmed my devotion. :)

time-travelling lackey said...

yeeeah! High fives!