Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I should make a real snufkin painting...

not such a great painting, but it was all for the quote! There aren't really many good Snufkin quotes, but this is the one I always go back to. 8)

"'I'm a tramp, and I live all over the place,' answered Snufkin. 'Iwander about andwhen I find a place that I like I put up my tent and play my mouth-organ.'
'Do you like this place?" asked Sniff in surprise, looking at the desolation all around them.
'Certainly I do,' said Snufkin. 'Look at that black velvet tree with the beautiful grey colors beyond; look at the mountains that are deep purple-red in the distance! And sometimes a big blue buffalo comes to look at himself in the river.'
'You aren't by any chance - er - a painter?' asked Moomintroll rather shyly.
'Or perhaps a poet?' suggested Sniff.
'I am everything!' said Snufkin, putting on the kettle."


The Joyful Fool said...

so so so goood! snufkin (and becky) true friends indeed in this heart

time-travelling lackey said...

yous toos my foolish friend <3