Wednesday, July 1, 2009

thinking of Nelson and Jayme...

in Harry Potter costumes.

If Nelson were (movie version) Remus, totally simple.

We could try to make a cloak if you want to feel more wizardy!

but at least we know we can wuss out and get a cardigan as backup :)

For Jayme we've been looking at Tonks, and we can't really decide which jacket is harder.

so it would really be up to you! The first one is HP4 version and the second is battle-ready Tonks from HP5. I think the fingerless gloves are the key anyhow.So let us know if costumes are in order, or if you don't even want to try. ;D
savers and fabric store trips?

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The Joyful Fool said...

honky t0nky donky whirly dhirly save hallehah ahla!